Scale Modifications for
Guts 'N Glory

Lots of folks out there have expressed a desire to play Guts 'N Glory with figures they already have. Of course, very few of you have made the change to N-scale. I firmly believe it is the best scale for skirmish gaming, but must admit that I like other scales as well! Besides, N-scale lines are fairly limited right now and don't cover all the eras of modern warfare. This is a general guideline to convert Guts 'N Glory to some other common scales used out there.

25mm / 28mm: Treat this as one would the 20mm scale conversions.

20mm: This scale is roughly 1/76th scale. Others see 1/72nd as compatible as well. When using this scale for GNG, double all movement rates, firing ranges and spotting ranges. Double the size of artillery bursts, double the command radius for leaders...I think you get the idea.......double everything that is measured. However, DON'T double the base sizes. For 20mm GNG, put your 20mm figures on individual bases. You choose the base size, but be reasonable. The base should just be big enough to make the figure stable on the table! Don't use fire team bases or platoon leader/FO bases. Simply keep all fire team members within an inch of each other. The fire teams still move and shoot together. The squad members must also stay within the command radius of their leader to be under his command. This scale of game will require a larger table if you use lots of long range weapons and vehicles. It will work fine for infantry games on a 6' X 8' table though! Remember, you need lots of terrain to break up those fields of fire. Just like the real world! There were not a lot of areas where tank gunners could get nice clear shots at 2000 yards! Never say never though........

15mm: This is roughly 1/100th scale. Don't change the movement rates or the firing ranges. In fact, leave all measurements just as they are in the GNG N-scale rules. I think it is easier to put up with the scale distortion here and you can still have a good game. I would change the base sizes though. Put your figures on " square bases, but make your fire team bases with a 2" frontage and a depth of 1 ". Keep your platoon leader and FO bases the same size as in GNG.

1/285th scale: Also referred to as 6mm scale. I love this scale, but it is tiny. I think it is great for games that need long range shots.......combat on the vast Russian steppes, warfare in the desert from WWII on, and combat with modern weapons systems. Cut all measured ranges and speeds by a factor of . In this scale, you won't have the luxury of switching around your fire team members unless you want to base individual figures!!! Yikes! If you did that, then you would use " X " bases for each figure. The fire team bases in this scale would be " X ". Platoon leader and FO bases would be " X ".